The War of Information, The Ten Day Commitment, and the Blog Post HTML Code to Replicate the Truth

This is a war of Information — and the Truth is on our side.  All we have to do is spread the truth far and wide.   Then, there will be no way they could ever begin to attempt to get the cat back into the bag.  Once their secrets are really OUT, they will be totally defeated in trying to cover them up.

Creating new web pages on the Internet is now FREE and takes only SECONDS of time. We can win this war with a few intelligent mouse clocks per day.  Also,

Too Many Targets

Giving the enemy “Too Many Targets” could provide a fatal blow to their ability to track down each and every critic on the entire Internet. Thus ruining the morale of those tasked with the job of “silencing the Internet”.

Once enough Truth is out, the protests will continue to grow in size, then the media will not be able to ignore it.  And finally, the people of the world will pressure their governments, and the governments of the world will be forced to act.  …and Scientology — as an international crime syndicate and money machine cult — will die.

It’s interesting to note that — although I had already come up with this concept clearly in my head — afterward I discovered that it’s not a new idea.  In fact, I was surprised that it seemed like I had taken a play directly from the cult’s own playbook…  when I discovered this:

At the beginning of 1998, Scientology officials announced plans to “handle” the World Wide Web by flooding it with Scientologists’ home pages. This plan was enacted not soon after, when hundreds of substantially identical Web pages entitled “My name is John Doe and I am a Scientologist” began appearing on Internet search engines. The first noted example appeared at, although over one thousand of these cookie-cutter Web pages are concentrated on Scientology’s own Web server,  (source)

You can see the results very clearly if you Google: My name is and I am a Scientologist.  The results are laughable.  But that’s because the cult does not understand the nature of the internet — and the nature of the Truth.

Disseminating massive amounts of information does not really benefit the lier.  It pretty much only works if you are disseminating the Truth — the Truth that the cult wants kept Top Secret.

Although software could be developed to automate much of this, that would get a bit complicated, and I suspect that there might be some legal issues with it.  (Not that legalities have ever been a concern for the cult.)  Besides, when it comes to technology, we are much smarter than the losers who run the cult.  Putting 10,000 identical web pages on your OWN server that are full of LIES almost has zero effect.  However, putting 10,000 web pages that are telling the Top Secret TRUTH, on the top two blog sites in the world, and the top two social networking sites in the world — now THAT will change the planet…

The Ten Day Commitment

If you follow the simple instructions below…  With you creating 4 new web sites (free blogs) per day (one on each of the below mentioned services), for 10 days…  That’s 40 new web sites in 10 days.

If you get one friend to join you in this commitment each day, for 10 days.  That would be another 400 web sites…  Totaling 440 new web sites ‘spilling the beans’ of Truth.

The POWER, however, is…  if each of them do the same thing…   That’s 100 people doing this.   Which means 100 times 40…   That’s…

4,000 NEW WEB SITES OF THE TRUTH about the cult…. all from YOUR EFFORT of only 20 minutes per day, for 10 days.

Ready to Make this Commitment?

For this post:  The Cult of Scientology vs The Internet

HERE is the Blog Post HTML Code you need to Replicate it Instantly with a simple Copy & Paste:   HTML Code for Blog Post

Remember, you don’t have to ever post in your new blog again if you don’t want to.  The idea is just to create as many new web sites as possible, spreading the Truth about the cult.  While at the same time, creating ‘too many targets’ for them — so they don’t even know where to begin… in attacking anyone.


  1. Create a new Gmail account under a fake, but real-sounding pseudonym.  (like, ‘Jack Butler’)  Use a different pseudonym for each new blog.
  2. Create a new blog on and and MySpace and Facebook, under a fake, but real-sounding pseudonym.
  3. Click to ‘Write a New Post’.
  4. Click on ‘HTML View’.
  5. Click theHTML Code for Blog Postlink (from above), Copy that code, and then Paste it in to your New Post.
  6. Click ‘Publish’, and you’re done.  Next,
  7. Call a good friend on the telephone, and explain the whole story to him/her and
  8. Get him/her to commit to doing this every day for 10 days too.  Talk him/her through how to do it, if she/he doesn’t already know how to.
  9. Email or Instant Message to him/her the link to this page — Here’s the short version:
  10. Go back to Step 1 and Repeat.  Every day for at least 10 days.


Next, to create these slick sidebar photos with links, just follow these steps:

  1. In, for example, click on your new blog’s ‘Dashboard’ button.
  2. Next, click on ‘Design’, then ‘Widgets’.
  3. From the left-hand column, click on the ‘Text’ widget to add one.
  4. On your new ‘Text’ widget in the right-hand column, click on ‘Edit’.
  5. Now Paste in the ‘Title’ and the ‘HTML Code’ for your new Text widget (from below).
  6. Go back to Step One and repeat this process for each of the Text Widgets below.

Your blog page’s sidebar will now contain lots of interesting and graphic ads — all toward disseminating more information, as quickly as possible, to the reader.

Here is the HTML Code for each of the Sidebar Widgets:


And finally, be sure to do these simple things:

  1. Change your email ‘signature’ line to something like:  “Join me on June 14th,  Yes?  See for details.”
  2. Send an email to everyone in your addressbook to the same effect.
  3. Stay active in the forums at and let us all know how this Ten Day Commitment is going for you!
  4. Attend the next Worldwide Peaceful Protest — see for all the details.  Bring as many friends as you can.  Make it a party!
  5. Send an email to the media!  Use this page for a list of media email addresses you can Copy and Paste into your Bcc field of your email.   Say something like,

“I want to know if you plan to cover the — UNPRECEDENTED IN HISTORY — Peaceful Protests Simultaneously held in 142 Cities in 28 Countries Worldwide, against the international crime syndicate and cult, called Scientology.

It will happen on June 14th, 2008 – See and for all the details.”


Also, check out:


this is version 2008.05.23.01 of this page

you can always come back here ( ) to get the latest updated version at any time in the future


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